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Business Ethics

A Critical Companion

250 pages ·  19.80 EUR (incl. VAT and Free shipping)
ISBN 978-3-7316-1289-6 (Mai 2018 )

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This book talks ethics not only in terms of what's good and bad about business, or plain evil, here and there. It addresses the more fundamental question, throughout, what "the economy" and, thus, every single business or economic activity is supposed to be good for in the first place. To this end, the book puts key issues in business ethics into a broader - social, historical, and economic - context, and views them from a thoroughly critical perspective.

The book contains eight chapters, each (except for the first, introductory chapter) dealing with a particular field of management or economic activity: sourcing, consumption, marketing, HRM, corporate governance, accounting and controlling as well as sustainability management. Every chapter starts with a discussion of ethical theories and problems linked to that field, plumbs its connections with conventional economic ideas and interests, and then provides a more inclusive and sustainable ethical perspective, including alternative lines of action.

The book is addressed to anybody with an interest in business ethics: students, lecturers, researchers, practitioners, pros and newbies - provided that you're looking for a new, broader and sometimes provocative perspective. May this book serve you as a critical companion.

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the author
Dirk Raith
Dirk Raith ist als Soziologe und Wirtschaftsethiker an Universität und Fachhochschulen in Graz und am IHI Zittau tätig. Zu seinen aktuellen Forschungsschwerpunkten gehören neben regionaler Resilienz und einer kritischen Auseinandersetzung mit CSR das Phänomen "Wachstum" in Wirtschaft und Unternehmen und die Problematik unserer wirtschaftlichen Wertrechnung. [more titles]
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