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ISO Standards, Environmental Management Systems and Ecosystem Services
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ISO Standards, Environmental Management Systems and Ecosystem Services

15 pages · 3.37 EUR
(25. April 2013)

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Over the past decade or so, the advent of systems thinking and the implementation of environmental management systems (EMS's) has changed the face of corporate environmental management. Beginning with the promulgation of the ISO 14001 standard in 1996, EMS's have become an increasingly accepted framework for managing the environmental aspects of an organization's activities, products and services. Indeed, both the term "environmental aspects" and the phrase "activities, products and services" were popularized through the development of ISO 14001 standard. The discussion below will emphasize how ecosystem services can be infused into corporate environmental management by rethinking an organization’s environmental aspects across the range of its activities, products and services.

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Wirtschaft – Gesellschaft – Natur
Djordje Pinter, Uwe Schubert (Hg.):
Wirtschaft – Gesellschaft – Natur
the author
Dr. Ira Feldmann
Ira Feldmann

President & senior counsel of greentrack strategies, Washington, DC. Expertise in environmental regulatory innovation, strategic environmental management, voluntary standards, sustainable business practices and corporate social responsibility. Current work at the convergence of sustainability, climate adaptation and ecosystem services; Environment-Social-Governance factors in the financial sector; "soft" or "private law" for business and government. Degrees: U. Pennsylvania and Columbia Law School. Adjunct faculty: U. Pennsylvania and Washington College of Law. US EPA (1990–1995): developed corporate Environmental Leadership Program and EPA's policy on audits and self-disclosure.