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The Transcultural Leader
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The Transcultural Leader

A Study Resulting in Five Core Statements

33 pages · 8.35 EUR
(15. April 2019)

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I begin this paper with Barack Obama’s Middle East speech “On a New Beginning”. Obama’s speech demonstrates the foundation and possible application of transcultural leadership in practice. To me, Obama and his corresponding speech exemplify transcultural leadership because they incorporate several elements I will outline over the course of this paper: Focusing on transcultural commonalities, rather than intercultural differences, in order to enable the capacity to cooperate; developing a global understanding of the world’s interconnectedness and contributing to a shared global moral order that does not amount to the worldwide imposition of a current one; and, most importantly, to bridge societal divisions, to embrace the challenges humanity faces, and to tackle them on the basis of a global sense of responsibility. (...)

The paper at hand aims to provide a twenty-first century perspective on leadership and leaders; it does not seek to present an analysis of the established literature on leadership. It seeks to find a possible starting point for challenging and enriching future debates on the topic.

quotable essay from ...
Transculturality – Leadership, Management and Governance
Josef Wieland, Klaus M. Leisinger (eds.):
Transculturality – Leadership, Management and Governance
the author
Tim Robert Schleicher

Tim Robert Schleicher is a student at Zeppelin University, Germany, and co-initiator of the Transcultural Caravan.