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Sonntag, 19. August 2018
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The Valuation of Surprises and its Enigmas
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The Valuation of Surprises and its Enigmas

15 pages · 3.85 EUR
(June 2013)

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Fromt the introduction:

The concept of strategy has been used traditionally to face the vagueness and obscurity of the future, when nevertheless one has to decide and must consider the consequences – when one is working on the basis of a valuation, that cannot be foreseen in advance but must be taken as a reference (§ 2). Sociology very well knows the circularity of strategy; for decades it has been studying the resulting paradoxical configurations, where a falsehood tends to become true over time while truths, when they are followed, often falsify themselves (§ 3). The result is an impasse. To avoid it, we can look for ideas in ancient Chinese thought, which theorizes a radically different form of strategy, one taking account of its role in the modification of the world (and future) it wants to act on (§ 4). A similar attitude can be profitably applied in the valuation of "creative goods," which happens in a recursive process whose result depends on premises oriented toward the result: Michael Hutter research can be read as an example of this kind of procedure (§ 5).

quotable essay from ...
Ökonomie der Werte
Dirk Baecker, Birger P. Priddat (Hg.):
Ökonomie der Werte
Die Autorin
Prof. Dr. Elena Esposito

lehrt Kommunikationssoziologie an der Universität Modena/Reggio Emilia (Italien). Aktuelle Forschungsschwerpunkte: Soziologische Medientheorie, Gedächtnisforschung, Soziologie der Finanzmärkte.

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