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Transculturality and Community

Learning from the Hope Development Initiative in Uganda

"Transcultural Management Series"  · volume 5

ca. 250 pages ·  31.89 EUR (incl. VAT and Free shipping)
ISBN 978-3-7316-1402-9 (November 2019 )

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This book presents the results of a transcultural research group consisting of students and lecturers from Uganda and Germany. Together they conducted research in Uganda, focusing on the culture of central Uganda with a particular focus on the work of the Hope Development Initiative. The contributions, which can be classified into the three categories: entrepreneurship, society and culture, deal primarily with the subject of community building from a transcultural perspective. The aim was to analyse how community building contributes to the creation of entrepreneurial opportunities to make a positive impact on people's lives as well as on the community as a whole.


Catherine P. Anena
The HDI and the District of Amolatar

I. Entrepreneurship

Janine Kaiser
Financing for African Hybrid Start-ups

Alexander Shevelov
The Impact of Digital Transformation on Uganda's Agriculture

Asha Olol
How does the HDI Create Value in a Social Enterprise through Inclusive Female Leadership?

II. Society

Charlotte Theiss
Women in Uganda: Understanding the Gender (Im)balances in Rural Communities

Louisa Singer
Creating Change from the Bottom Up. How does HDI Raise Civil Society in Rural Uganda?

Marius Hupperich
Development Status and Development Measures by State and Private Players such as the Hope Development Initiative in Amolatar, Northern Uganda

David Mugambe Mpiima, Consolata Kabonesa, Henry Manyire, Margarita Espling
The New Normal? Farmer Groups, ICTs, and Empowerment in Apac District, Lango Region in Northern Uganda

Catherine P. Anena, Catherine I. Abalo
Best Practices in Promotion of Women's Sustainable Livelihoods: A Case of the HDI Rice Programme in Amolatar

III. Culture

Annelie Graf
Art and Culture as Contributions to Identity Building in Rural Communities in Uganda - A Field Report

Cara Thielen
(Organizational) Culture, Identity and Cultural Change: Explorative Research on the Hope Development Initiative

Elizabeth Kaase-Bwanga, Agnes Apea Atim and Betty Akullo
Culture, Self-Identity and its Effect on the Economic Empowerment of Women - A Case Study on the Hope Development Initiative

the editor
Prof. Dr. Josef Wieland
Josef Wieland Josef Wieland is Professor of Institutional Economics – Organizational Governance, Integrity Management & Transcultural Leadership and Director of the Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin (LEIZ) at Zeppelin University, Germany. [more titles]
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