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Building Bridges not Silos: Organisational Learning Processes and the Role of a Shared Lingua Franca as an a Priori Requirement for Transcultural Cooperation
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Building Bridges not Silos: Organisational Learning Processes and the Role of a Shared Lingua Franca as an a Priori Requirement for Transcultural Cooperation

22 pages · 4.37 EUR
(04. Februar 2021)

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From the introduction:

This chapter focuses on the organisational learning processes for enabling transcultural cooperation. Furthermore, since relationships in transnational and trans-cultural networks have their roots in effective communication patterns, we claim that a lingua franca, understood not only in terms of linguistic rules but also in terms of shared meanings, is at the root of these learning processes. (…)

In the light of the foregoing, a qualitative case study was conducted at SAP Labs Latin America on the topic of organisational learning for transcultural cooperation. Learning for transcultural cooperation and the role of a shared lingua franca are analysed through the lens of a value that exists within this organisation: “Build bridges not silos”. The decision to focus on such a value depends on a theoretical assumption about the existence of a conceptual connection between the metaphor “bridge” and the transcultural and temporary “mini society” described by Wieland. Conforming to this view, “bridges” among actors from different cultural backgrounds may enable the creation of a transcultural mini society based on commonalities. Accordingly, bridges built at SAP Labs among actors with different cultural backgrounds may represent transcultural bridges aimed at enabling successful cooperation so as to pursue joint organisational goals. (…)

Against this background, some specific research questions have been derived: What does “build bridges” really mean? Are these bridges really transcultural? How does SAP Labs Latin America build bridges (which describes the “thickening” learning process)? What role does a shared lingua franca play? What effects do these bridges have on the organisation’s value creation process?

The chapter is structured as follows: After a brief literature review on organisational learning and on lingua franca, the case, methodology and findings will be presented and discussed.

quotable essay from ...
Relational Leadership – Case Studies from Brazil
Julika Baumann Montecinos, Jessica Geraldo Schwengber, Josef Wieland (eds.):
Relational Leadership – Case Studies from Brazil
the authors
Jessica Geraldo Schwengber
Jessica Geraldo Schwengber

is Project Manager of the Transcultural Caravan at Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin, a research fellow and PhD student at the chair of Institutional Economics at Zeppelin University. She graduated in Economics and Management from the University of Rome Tor Vergata. Her research focuses on organisational learning processes for fostering transcultural cooperation.

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Brenda Beretta Kindlein

studied Linguistics and Literature at Unisinos University in Brazil. She wrote her thesis about The Experience of English as a Lingua Franca in a Multinational Company. She is engaged in studying communication practices in the business environment. She currently works in Customer Solution Support and Innovation at SAP Fieldglass.