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Disenchanting and Re-enchanting the 16+1 Format
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Disenchanting and Re-enchanting the 16+1 Format

17 pp. · 3.99 EUR
( December 07, 2022 )

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From the editors’ preface:

Patrycja Pendrakowska offers an economist’s perspective on the 17+1 initiative, which China established to support its connectivity goals among Central, Eastern and Southeastern European countries. Pendrakowska contrasts the high expectations in the initiative of inward investment from China with the prevalent sense of disappointment of European partners after half a decade with just a few projects realized and investment flows still largely ignoring the region in favor of the economic powerhouses in Western Europe. China’s recent Moscow-leaning neutrality in the war in Ukraine further weakens the attractiveness of the 17+1 platform.

quotable essay from ...
European Perspectives on the New Silk Roads – A Transcultural Approach
Josef Wieland, Jessica Geraldo Schwengber, Matthias Niedenführ (eds.):
European Perspectives on the New Silk Roads – A Transcultural Approach
the author
Patrycja Pendrakowska
Patrycja Pendrakowska

is the founder and the head of the Boym Institute based in Warsaw and an analyst of China’s foreign policy and economy. She is one of the founding members of the board at WICCI’s India-EU Business council based in Mumbai. Moreover, she works as a consultant in one of the leading management consultancies based in New York. She is a PhD candidate at the Humboldt University in Berlin, where she researches political philosophy in China. She graduated from the University of Warsaw with a BA in Sinology, Sociology and Philosophy, and has two Master’s degrees in Financial Law as well as in Ethnography and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Warsaw.