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Economic Misanthropy
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Economic Misanthropy

Is economics a misanthropic science?

19 pp. · 4.16 EUR
( June 20, 2016 )

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The (current) discussion about the knowledge of economics is mainly focused on the "realism" of the established economics. For instance, what are the (more) "realistic" assumptions or axioms, which are necessary to turn an artificial theory into a "realistic" theory? Or (recurring on current events), what are the real causes of the financial crises? In contrast to this, the following essay is not limited to such kind of realism; but I rather want to discuss the elements of economics which usually lead the economic thinking into the conflict with social values (e. g. solidarity or human dignity). Therefore, I try to extend the perspective of the discussion about economics towards the ethical and social conflicts of economic theorizing. Since this essay can only provide a short introduction to this problem, I deliberately prefer the form of an essay to give a concentrated and short presentation of the “economic misanthropy” problem.

quotable essay from ...
Wissen! Welches Wissen?
Katrin Hirte, Sebastian Thieme, Walter Otto Ötsch:
Wissen! Welches Wissen?
the author
Dr. Sebastian Thieme
Sebastian Thieme

ist Diplom-Volkswirt und war 2018-2020 Vertretungsprofessor (VWL) an der Hochschule Harz in Halberstadt. Er war erster Schasching-Fellow der Katholischen Sozialakademie Österreichs (2015/16) und in verschiedenen Projekten zur Pluralität in der Ökonomik tätig (u.a. am ZÖSS der Universität Hamburg). Seine Forschungsthemen umfassen u. a.: Selbsterhaltung/Subsistenz(ethik), sozialwissenschaftliche Ökonomik, das Paderborner Deliberationskonzept, die ökonomische Misanthropie und die ökonomische Pluralismus-Debatte.

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