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Insolar: Introduction to the Case Study
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Insolar: Introduction to the Case Study

7 pages · 2.41 EUR
(04. Februar 2021)

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From the introduction:

Launching Insolar was certainly one of those adventures I had not predicted for my life. From everything I had learned at university, graduating in business administration, it would make no business sense to promote high-end grid-tie long-lasting renewable energy technologies for low-income communities living on a day-to-day basis and coping with unreliable electrical infrastructure. Furthermore, to gamble on broad collaboration between stakeholders who were not necessarily used to collaborating would also require a unique approach and a great deal of resilience.

(…) I cannot properly describe the feeling of realising that someone outside your social business, from the other side of the Atlantic, knew exactly the right questions to be asked, bringing a unique perspective about Insolar’s approach just by actively listening to Insolar’s stakeholders, and inviting us to reflect on specific topics. The discussions gradually strengthened the knowledge basis by means of which Insolar is sustained, paving the way to a constructive exchange between the academic world and the social business world, and creating the foundations for a collective learning curve that could bring new insights for social entrepreneurs and future researchers on transculturality.

quotable essay from ...
Relational Leadership – Case Studies from Brazil
Julika Baumann Montecinos, Jessica Geraldo Schwengber, Josef Wieland (eds.):
Relational Leadership – Case Studies from Brazil
the author
Henrique Drumond

has a degree in business administration from PUC-Rio, where he contributes as professor of practice to courses related to social entrepreneurship. He is the co-founder and CEO of Insolar - a social business dedicated to the promotion and democratisation of solar energy in Brazil. Throughout his career, he has gathered experience in both the private and the third sectors. Through his company, he combines the best tools from each sector in order to scale up positive impact.

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