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Leveraging Inter-Company Cooperation Through Blockchain Technology
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Leveraging Inter-Company Cooperation Through Blockchain Technology

Insights from SAP Labs Latin America

14 pages · 3.33 EUR
(04. Februar 2021)

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From the introduction:

Based on a case study at SAP Labs Latin America and a total of 12 blockchain alliances from Austria, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands that were studied through qualitative interviews we answer the following research questions in this chapter:

  1. How can inter-firm cooperation enable blockchain governance?
  2. What organisational prerequisites and implications are related to DLT?
  3. How can relational leadership contribute to governing decentralised blockchain projects in consortial settings?

The first part of this chapter gives a general introduction to the emerging field of blockchain governance and the challenges associated with blockchain consortia (Chapter 1.1), as well as outlining the focus of the study (Chapter 1.2) and the methodology (Chapter 1.3). The second part is devoted to SAP’s blockchain strategy (Chapter 2.1), a description of the use case (Chapter 2.2), the presentation of the findings (Chapter 2.3) and a discussion about how the observations and findings can be interpreted through the lens of relational leadership (Chapter 2.4). Part three of the chapter concludes how blockchain governance can be enabled through successful inter-company cooperation and how relational leadership can be useful in this context (Chapter 3).

quotable essay from ...
Relational Leadership – Case Studies from Brazil
Julika Baumann Montecinos, Jessica Geraldo Schwengber, Josef Wieland (eds.):
Relational Leadership – Case Studies from Brazil
the authors
Samuel Kiefer

has a degree in Sociology, Politics & Economics from Zeppelin University and wrote his thesis on cross-organisational governance in private blockchain networks. During his studies, he focused on entrepreneurial approaches to development cooperation in Nepal, building a social water enterprise together with rural communities.

Vinicius Gabriel Descovi do Prado

is an undergraduate student of International Trade at Unisinos University and works at SAP. He works with the Experience Center team, in charge of organising the experience of all the clients and visitors at SAP Labs Latin America.