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Transcultural Management
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Transcultural Management

Insights from German Companies with Branches in China

29 pp. · 5.76 EUR
( December 07, 2022 )

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From the editors’ preface:

Annika Dinh looks at transcultural management and diversity in German companies active in China. On the basis of qualitative interviews she found that the corporate culture in subsidiaries could not be easily categorized as either German or Chinese. Mixed teams of various nationalities, working languages and cultural backgrounds have to cooperate in a web of different legal systems, societal values and norms. These necessitate the nurturing of transcultural competences to facilitate long-term cooperation and business success.

quotable essay from ...
European Perspectives on the New Silk Roads – A Transcultural Approach
Josef Wieland, Jessica Geraldo Schwengber, Matthias Niedenführ (eds.):
European Perspectives on the New Silk Roads – A Transcultural Approach
the author
Annika Dinh

is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Politics, Administration and International Relations at Zeppelin University, Germany, following a completed academic semester at SciencesPo Paris, France. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Southeast Asian Studies with study visits to Bandung and Bali, Indonesia, and a minor in German Law from Hamburg University, Germany.